A Rough Past and A New Friend

When you decide to wake up and start the day you never know what will happen and who you’ll meet.

I headed out on my bicycle. It was Friday night, one of those nights where the air was humid and cool and the streets were filled with people in search of making memories. I made some smoothies earlier in the afternoon and decided to take out one of the ingredients. Based on a request a few nights ago from Mario, who I met a few weeks ago, I took out the Spinach since he wasn’t very fond of it.

It was around 10:30  and I was ready to go on another adventure. I first stopped at the Agape house. Jamar came out, someone I met a few nights ago, who just started a job at a graphic design company. He had been through some rough spots in his life and was just beginning to gain some traction. He had a great passion for designing things and he thought he found the right job with the right boss. Throughout talking to him though, I noticed something… he literally looked as if he was sleeping while he was talking to me. I think I just barely saw his eyes through the “droopiness of his eyelids.” It looked as if he had been up the last 2 days just working and thinking about his life. He ended up telling me that, “I’ve just had a long day.” I was really grateful he wanted to come outside and talk with me, but I also wanted him to get in his bed and get some much needed rest. The conversation didn’t go much farther than that. I told him I’ll see him soon, and we parted ways.

My next stop, was the train station. There was no cop waiting outside, and it was eerily quiet. Before getting on the platform, a train flew by, thus shaking the station and waking up and “angrifying” the bugs. When I got to the platform I approached a man who looked at little lost. It was about 11:20 at this time, and he looked like he had been waiting on the platform for quite some time. After introducing myself I asked him, what he’s doing out here this late, “Waiting for a friend.” He told me, “The trains been running late.” His name was Chris and I found out he was extremely passionate about making music. His eyes also looked like they were starting to gloss over and he looked as if he rolled out of bed before he came here. We parted ways shortly thereafter.

I then proceeded to the waiting area. I saw my two good friends Tony and Kate. They were asleep, but Tony woke up just to say hi. He didn’t want one of my smoothies, but appreciated the offer. I came back later and dropped a smoothie off for Kate for when she woke up. She was the one that lost her father around the same age that I did. We established, a good friendship a few nights back. Maybe I’ll catch her at a better time.

I then went to the other side of the platform where I met an interesting and very passionate man. His name was Chris and he had been dealing with a burden for the last 20 years. Chris had long flowing hair and a thick burly mustache. Before anything though, we just talked about our days. He told me he had an amazing day at work. Of course, we introduced ourselves and he accepted my smoothie(which he found was pretty good and exclaimed, “Maybe I should stick to these energy smoothies instead!”) Chris had been drinking since 10:30 that morning. He was very intoxicated, so it was difficult to understand him at times in our conversation. I do want to say that Chris went through something a Father should never go through in his life…

After, getting into an altercation with his girlfriend and the Mother of his 2 kids, they soon parted ways with each other. The situation was pretty bad and Chris ended up having his two kids taken away from him and hasn’t seen them for 20 plus years. Chris has been working a lot of manual labor jobs recently and has found enjoyment in his work. He told me, “I’m the best damn worker around and I love work. I can’t wait to go back on Monday.” I was really happy to hear he liked what he did.

Chris started to get animated and really aggressive when he started talking about what people had done to him in the past. He didn’t get aggressive with me, but he was just generally fired up and started shouting a little bit. I wasn’t getting the best vibe from the conversation either. I was actually getting very sad as he continued to tell me his life story about his kids, losing his Mother, Father, and Brother all within a few years span. I had no idea what to say, so I just continued to let him talk.

Before I decided to leave though we got in a little conversation about his sister and he said that his sister lives down the road from him and helps him out all the time. That really settled him down as he said, “I would do anything for my sister, I love her to death.”

Before parting ways with Chris though, I let him know that I’m sure I’ll see him again and gave him the best bro hug in town.

I still didn’t feel right about the whole conversation. There were a lot of emotions, and passion in what he was saying and at times he got a little teary eyed. I just felt like I opened up a door in his life that he didn’t want to be opened ever again. So I was walking away not feeling the best about what just happened. That was until… he stopped me and shouted, “Thank you Brother! Thank you for the company! Thank you for the company…  Thank you for the company… “ With him saying that it let me know that the conversation allowed him to let some feelings of his out that had been brewing for awhile and I was just the person that decided to listen. There was a spot in the conversation where I didn’t say a word for about 30 minutes. He was letting go of some emotions that no one ever bothered to listen too. I was happy to meet him and be there for him.

Every moment is an opportunity.


“Possibility starts with a conversation.”





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