Witnessing Persistence

So today, I just wanted to post about my neighbor.

My neighbor is one of the most energetic, and happiest guys I’ve ever met. He’s also a die hard Yankee fan which I love.

Recently though he’s had some trouble with some computers. He’s been getting outdated computers and technology for a long time, he’s an older guy too, so the “technology era” came up on him pretty quick. Overall though it was just the time for him to get a new computer and from the graciousness of my roommate and his father he got one, they had an older computer they didn’t use anymore that they donated to him.

So, after seeing him jumping for joy in anticipation of the computer, I quickly saw those emotions be turned to sadness after his Brother and the people in charge of our apartment complex,  said that he couldn’t bring it into the apartment because of “bed bugs.” That wasn’t going to stop my neighbor though.

My neighbor is resilient.

Until just a few days ago, they finally let him have the laptop. Before they let him have it though he actually hooked up an extension board brought out a “make shift” office and posted up outside. He even had the recycling bin outside. He beat the system! One day he was out in the sun for too long and got some serious sunburn. He even posted up, just barely, in the door of his apartment when it was pouring rain out. 

He wanted that laptop so bad that he was going to do whatever it took to get it. After trying again, and again… and yet again. He finally got what he wanted. They finally told him it was fine for him to have the laptop.

He got his laptop which was “bed bug” free and working great.


“Think doubt and fail. Think Victory and Succeed” -Anonymous

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